POW-Day 2011

International Day of Action for Republican POW’s on October 8, 2011

Irish Republicans and their supporters in Continental Europe are organizing an international day of action for the Republican Prisoners. On Saturday, October 8, people all over Europe will take the streets to express their solidarity with the Republican Prisoners in Portlaoise, Maghaberry, France and Lithuania. There will be pickets in support of the prisoners in various countries and cities such as Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Darmstadt, Magdeburg, Hamburg (all Germany), and further protests in other cities and various countries such as Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

In a statement, Dieter Blumenfeld, spokesperson of the Republican Sinn Féin International Bureau said: “The Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry are on protest for months. The International Day of Action is an important date to make the people of Continental Europe aware that 30 years after the Hunger strikes of 1981 the Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry are forced to go on protest again. There are currently protests organized in six different European countries. This is a show of solidarity with the political prisoners in Ireland and the Republican struggle as such not seen for a very long time. We commend all those involved in the different protests around October 8.”

The statement that will be distributed around this day all over Europe is available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Swedish and can be downloaded as PDF from http://www.irish-solidarity.net

Italian: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/leaflets/leaflet_081011_italian_Layout.pdf
German: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/leaflets/leaflet_081011_german_Layout%201.pdf
English: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/leaflets/leaflet_081011_english_Layout.pdf
Dutch: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/leaflets/leaflet_081011_dutch_Layout.pdf
Swedish: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/leaflets/leaflet_081011_swedish_Layout.pdf
Turkish: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/db1/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=465:october-8-statement-in-turkish&catid=46:internationale-solidaritaet&Itemid=66
French: http://www.irish-solidarity.net/leaflets/leaflet_081011_french_Layout.pdf

A full report of all protests will be published on the same website the days after the protests.

Political Status for Irish Republican Prisoners!
End Internment – Free Martin Corey and Marian Price!

On October 8th 2011, in different countries, a day of action for Irish Political Prisoners is being held. By picketing, leafleting, postering and painting, we Internationalists from abroad, wish to express our solidarity with our Republican comrades in Ireland and our hostility towards English imperialism.
Little is known about it, but in Ireland in 2011, there is still revolutionary democratic resistance against partition of the country and British rule. The Irish Republican struggle continues, against all odds. In the colonial entity of the six occupied counties in the North of Ireland, the British occupation is fought and the false peace is challenged, as well as the conservative status quo in the neo-colonial entity of the Irish Free State in the South.
The only answer of the British state machine to this resistance is an increase of repression.
Political Prisoners are jailed indefinitely without any reason. Martin Corey and Marian Price, who are Republican activists arrested in the 1970′s and later released, are once again being held by the British state because they didn’t betray their political beliefs. This vengeance of the colonial power is used as a Sword of Damocles threatening the hundreds of former prisoners of war who would dare to keep their politics upfront. Martin Corey and Marian Price are kept as hostages to impress and frighten political activists. This is nothing else than the reintroduction of internment.
We demand the immediate release of Martin Corey and Marian Price! We demand the end of selective internment!
Irish Prisoners of War are also victims of maltreatments by the prison authorities and wardens in the jail of Maghaberry, under the supervision of the ruling circles of the British State and their puppets in Stormont. In very harsh conditions, they struggle to demand political status won by the man of 1981 and signed away by their former comrades with the 1998-agreement. They were cheated by the prison regime after a previous protest, but they are not disheartened, and with the support of republicans outside the jail, they continue their just struggle. Like previous generations of Republicans in the H-Blocks they resist criminalisation and brutality with the only shield they have, their will and their body.
Irish Republicans are not criminals, but freedom fighters and revolutionaries!
We demand the full implementation of the agreement of August 2010 and the restoration of a Political Status for Irish Prisoners of War!
The fight for Irish freedom and against imperialism and reaction is just and should be supported by all honest and progressive people worlwide.
We salute the struggle of the Republican Prisoners held in Maghaberry, Portlaoise and Lithuania and pledge our full support.
Victory to the Irish Republican struggle, inside and outside the jails!

Signed by (to be continued, date October 4):
Liberation Irlande (France)
Republican Sinn Féin International Department (Austria, Germany, Italy)
Republican Sinn Féin supporters in the Netherlands and Sweden
Irish Republican Solidarity Darmstadt (Germany)


Dichiarazione 8 ottobre 2011

L’ “International Day of Action” è la dimostrazione che l’opposizione all’ingerenza politica inglese sull’isola d’Irlanda è ancora forte e per nulla vicina alla resa. L’Europa deve prendere atto che un suo Stato membro sta occupando un altro suo Stato membro illegittimamente e brutalmente da più di otto secoli. Questo non è più accettabile. E prima l’Unione Europea deciderà di intervenire, prima si potrà arrivare ad una soluzione definitiva. Noi del Republican Sinn Féin ci opporremo comunque, sempre e con immutato impegno, ad ogni proposta di soluzione che non preveda il totale ed incondizionato ritiro sia dell’esercito sia dell’establishment politico britannico dal 6-Counties occupato. Manifestazioni come quella che si è tenuta il giorno 8 ottobre 2011 a Roma, di fronte all’Ambasciata britannica, (nella quale abbiamo assistito ad una grande partecipazione popolare) ci danno ancora più forza. Noi continueremo a lavorare, senza compromessi, fin quando non vinceremo la battaglia per l’autodeterminazione del popolo d’Irlanda.

Massimiliano Vitelli
Republican Sinn Féin
portavoce per l’Italia


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